Often when designing a new website, companies and individuals rely heavily on the creativity of the graphic designer and of course their own intuition and what they think or know is right for their customers. Often this intuition is based on experience and getting a certain feel of what your customers want and very often it is a ventured guess. This is nothing new and also definitely not just confined to the online sphere.

However, if you have the resources and insight to test what is working and what is not, why not do it? Why not use objective methods to find out where you are winning and where your intuition has led you astray? My personal opinion is that we might be wary of the ‘Truth’ – no one wants their brainchild to be destroyed because of scientific fact. Perhaps what we should then aim for is some sort of balance between what we think is right and what is actually working.

This is also exactly what the Maxymiser/Columinate conversion management service offers. It allows you to make the absolute best of what you already have established, it is not necessary to bulldoze your creativity and ideas just to make it work for your consumers, it is about transforming your intuition into something that works: tried, tested, fact. The same goes for the Columinate Website Satisfaction model, find out what your customers are thinking and adapt it to your strategy, whilst still keeping your brand in tact. Finding a balance is as important to your website as it is in your life.