Recently Henk and I took part in Richard Wiseman’s (one of our heroes!) Twitter Experiment! It was about “remote viewing”. Now if you ever thought you had psychic powers – and you took part in this experiment – you most likely regret saying it aloud or now have decided to keep it a big big big secret!

The Wall Street Journal described the study as follow (and also have a video to go with it!):

Prof. Wiseman lodged himself at a secret location on four occasions last week and solicited input from Twitterers around the world to chime in on where they thought he was. After they did that, he tweeted a Web site where participants could choose between five photos representing the correct location and four decoys.

Most got it wrong. “In the first trial I was looking at a striking modern building, but a majority — 35% — of the group thought that I was in some woods,” he said. “The same pattern emerged in all four trials.” (

Not only was this experiment a lot of fun – we were literally glued to our computers watching the clock to give our ‘remote viewing psychic abilities’ a go – it is also an innovative and creative way of doing research in the era we live in. The experiment was done solely through Twitter! This shows the power of Web 2.0 and how it can be used in a variety of creative ways to get insight.

My conclusion of this experiment: Twitter + Wiseman + Creativity = Insightful Fun!