In a recent online survey with 1586 South African consumers a total of 27 % indicated that they listen to radio via the internet.

Of those that listen to internet based radio, 86 % stated that they stream radio through a website on their computer/laptop, while 16 % stated they listen to radio through an application they downloaded on to their smartphone.

Encouragingly enough, the top three stations listened to via the internet were local radio stations: 5fm topped the list (23 %) followed by 94.7 Highveld Stereo (18 %) and Jacaranda FM (14 %). A total of 8% stated that they listen to international radio stations such as BBC Radio, Kiss FM and various iTunes based radio stations.

Based on the research, it seems the average time spent listening to internet radio is approximately one to three hours per day (64 %), with the majority indicating they listen to internet based radio at least one hour per day (42 %).

These findings prove interesting as little data is available on internet radio behaviour and to what extent this might potentially blur the lines of what a ‘local’ radio station is. Car manufacturers are also increasingly updating technology, allowing smartphones to connect to the car’s audio system making it very easy to listen to internet based radio stations while driving.

One thing is for sure, radio stations should not ignore the power of streaming and local stations should aim to remain relevant as competition is no longer be bound by geographical location.

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