Columinate, have been awarded the contract to conduct research into the South African digital market on behalf of the DMMA. The project, dubbed “The State of South Africa’s Digital Nation: 2012” – will aim to provide robust and rich findings into consumers’ online habits to assist marketers and advertisers to better understand the online consumer.

Earlier this week, Elna Smit, co-founder of Columinate stated that: “We are very excited to have been awarded the project and look forward to providing the industry with insights. We’re confident that our extensive work in this space will add value to this specific project and paint a clearer picture of what South Africans are doing online”

The research will provide a rich account of South Africans’ online habits as currently traditional industry surveys provide information limited to demographics and basic user statistics. Taking a consumer angle, the information will assist marketers to better understand consumers in terms of preferences for online advertising, social network behaviour, online transacting to name but a few avenues that will be explored.

Gustav Goosen, DMMA Head of Research stated: “The DMMA’s decision to appoint Columinate was based on Columinate’s ability to instantly grasp the scope of the research project and the objectives set by the DMMA. Furthermore, Columinate’s understanding of the digital media and marketing environment, proven track record through experience conducting research in this industry and their blue-chip client base, made them most suited from all the providers who indicated interest to assist the DMMA with this research project.”

For more information contact Elna Smit or the DMMA