Online Shopping In South Africa 2014 Survey

See the infographic for high level findings from our inaugural Online Retail SITEisfaction® Survey. The results have caused quite a stir among retailers and consumers, with many not agreeing with the results based on their personal experiences. While this is very normal, personal experience (sample of 1) can never replace good, robust research where the opinions of hundreds are taken into account. Our survey looked at both customers who only visited the site as well as those who purchased from the site.


Some websites contacted us and criticized us that our research does not correspond with their own internal measures. However, when we investigated these measures were based on reviews or the research only included those who purchased from the site. It is important to include a holistic view in one’s customer satisfaction measure to avoid getting the views of a vocal minority who might either be VERY happy or VERY dissatisfied.


While the survey looked at who provides the best online retail experience, this was only one focus of the research. The survey also looked at what drives satisfaction with an online retail experience and what can be done to improve the industry as a whole.


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