Barclays Africa launched the results from their Africa Prosper research this week. Columinate was the research partner and we are so privileged to be a part of this amazing piece of work. We collected data from over 7000 Africans, in 11 different African countries. The results were then dissected by independent analysts, including Professor Monde Makiwane from the HSRC.

Bobby Malabie led the event and overlaid the research with Barclays’ strategy for Africa. Much of the focus was around the demographic shift we are seeing in Africa and the “youth bulge” that is emerging.

The findings present an interesting challenge for policy makers and corporate citizens – how do you engage the youth, who are keen to prosper? During the Q&A, Professor Makiwane remarked that a demographic shift only comes once to a nation and that it is important to take note of this shift and create the necessary opportunities where possible. He also warned that a youth bulge can be a curse if young people are left unemployed or loitering.

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View the Propser video here, it includes some of the findings as well as interviews with people around the continent: