Columinate walked away with two awards at the recent Southern African Marketing Research (SAMRA) conference held at the Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Drakensberg.

At the gala dinner on Thursday 19 May 2015, Amoné Redelinghuys, researcher at Columinate won both the Best First Time Speaker and the Silver Award for Best Overall Paper for her paper entitled: “Comparing mobile and online insights: A qualitative case study.”

The theme of this year’s conference was “The Evolution of Market Research: Changing to Improve”. Amoné’s paper challenged the current view of pushing mobile research over online research – her paper argued that consumers use multiple devices and that researchers need to embrace device-agnostic research methodologies to improve the research experience for the consumer. Her paper showed that research participants using multiple devices outperformed the groups of participants who were restricted to only take part from a mobile device or only from a computer in terms of granularity and quality of responses. She concluded that researchers should embrace that consumers have multiple devices and that multi-modal research design should take precedent.

In addition to Amoné’s winning paper, Columinate also presented two additional papers. Tonette De Jager, researcher at Columinate examined the effect of quality and detail of responses in insight communities where participants are afforded anonymity. The findings indicated that anonymity had a strong effect initially on the quality and detail of the data, however, as the research progressed, less significant differences were found between the findings of the anonymous and non-anonymous groups, indicating the importance of establishing rapport with participants. These findings have significant implications for researching sensitive topics.

Columinate co-founder and CEO Dr. Henk Pretorius along with Sean Louw, Innovation Specialist, presented a paper that examined consumers different decision making styles and what this means for brands. Their paper showed that consumers’ decision-making style had a marked effect on which brands they choose and how they behave in specific categories. These findings are extremely useful for brands and marketers as understanding how consumers choose can lead to better thought-out strategies to ensure a specific brand is chosen.

This is the second time Columinate has won the Best First Time Speaker award, Henk Pretorius also won this award in 2009. At the same conference he was also awarded the award for Best Overall paper for his ground-breaking paper “Research 2.5: Ceding control to consumers as co-researchers.” In 2011, Elna Smit, Columinate co-founder also won Best Overall Paper bringing the total number of trophies scooped up at SAMRA to 5 in the past 6 years.












Amoné (middle) with Leonie Vorster, SAMRA CEO (left) and Ineke Prinsloo SAMRA Chairperson (right)