On the morning of 18 August 2017, we hosted our first annual insights brunch at the JSE, titled, “The Measure of Tomorrow”. And what a magnificent morning it was!

[Pictured: Members of our Research team – As brilliant as they are beautiful]

Clients assembled from every corner of Johannesburg, some even flying up from Cape Town and Durban to join us on what proved to be the coldest morning of the winter. Guests were treated to a delicious brunch, with a skilful barista creating some glorious coffees to order, and of course, the Columinate Psychological Lab set up our testing stations – guiding our guests through our latest methodology, which highlighted how we derive nonconscious attitudes and perceptions through priming.

[Pictured: Our guests delighted with the experiment]

The Measure of Tomorrow is our Boost+ methodology; it measures a research participant’s nonconscious attitudes and behaviours toward a concept, brand, ad, or logo (to name a few). Nonconscious insights matter! Especially when you consider that some estimate these nonconscious processes are responsible for up to 90% of human behaviour. Traditional research methods focus on explicit measures that assess the conscious mind, which has limited the depth of insights we glean from our research participants.

Our new methodology tries to understand the drivers of a consumer’s nonconscious choices, and is specifically designed to tap into these nonconscious associations and attitudes. It’s a measurement system based on how the mind really works. Columinate’s methodology combines this approach with traditional measurement to establish the “true brand image grid”, a propriety tool that gives brands more in-depth diagnostics.

As Henk mentioned on the morning (with apologies to Carl Jung) “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life research and you will call it fate.”

[Pictured: Columinate CEO Dr Henk Pretorius in his natural habitat]

[Pictured: Shani Erwee, Head of Insights at Liberty, sharing some insights with a packed auditorium on how the long-term insurer has been using the Boost+ methodology]

We prepared an introductory eBook about the subject, “Why Nonconscious Insights Matter”, if you’d like to check it out, please click here.

Alternatively, if you want to interrogate the value of the Boost+ approach for your brand or business, give us a call, or email us, for an obligation-free consult.

[Pictured: Delicious food, omnomnom…]