We are celebrating our 9th birthday this October. That’s no small feat, if you consider our humble beginnings.

Columinate CEO Dr Henk Pretorius, and Co-Founder and Director Elna Pretorius both started their careers in traditional market research. It wasn’t until they founded Columinate in 2008, that the market research category could be expanded to included digital research as a comprehensive service offering in South Africa. Columinate’s inception was borne from the idea that there had to be a better, faster, and cheaper way to do research. Instead of wondering, the two set out to start Columinate, and built it into the leading digital research agency in SA.

But there was a tough nine years between the departure point and where we are today. The founding of Columinate coincided with the 2008 global financial crisis. Both Henk and Elna quickly found themselves having to make exceedingly tough decisions. Thankfully, with a bit of luck, perseverance, and a good product backed by a forward-thinking vision, the last nine years saw the modern insights agency grow from two people working from home, to 40 highly skilled individuals operating from two buildings, including a Chief Executive Pet, Stat the Cat

This is by far not the end of our journey, in fact, we consider it the beginning. We just got started! We will continue pioneering in the digital research space, as it’s always been one of our key differentiators – harnessing the power of ubiquitous digital technologies to make research simple, fun and easy for all involved. The next thing you should be on the lookout for is our end-to-end automation platform, where researchers and clients alike will be able to login, and within less than 5 minutes be able to set up and design a complete research study, ready to be deployed. It’s not that we want to take people out of the equation, we just want to afford them more time on the aspects of the process that has the greatest impact: extracting excellent insights. But more on that a little later…

We hope that the month of October brings you as much joy as it does us, and if you’d like to wish us a happy birthday, find us on Facebook, simply search for @ColuminateMR

[Pictured: Stat can’t take his eyes off the delicious birthday cake]