eBook: AD360

As a society, we’re becoming more and more resistant to advertising. It’s very easy to tune out a boring billboard or an annoying radio or television ad. But it’s not that we don’t like advertising, it’s that we don’t like bad advertising (of which there seems to be an abundance).

Because consumers are becoming more adept at ignoring the noise, it’s critical that brands that want to advertise ensure that they spend their marketing budgets on advertising that hits that mark. That’s why we developed AD360 – a modern ad testing methodology that monitors an advertising campaign’s performance on two fronts; The amount spent by each brand in a category, but more importantly, the emotive impact an ad has on the consumer.

That’s where AD360’s true power lies – the sheer volume of consumer voices that is overlaid on this quantitative intelligence. We engage with hundreds of consumers each week (thousands each month), to gather their thoughts and feelings about a specific campaign. We then analyse this feedback and report back to our clients in near real-time, so they can make the necessary adjustments to a specific campaign as it runs. Our approach can save our clients quite a bit of time and money by avoiding a potential blunder, or it can afford the participating brands to boost the spend behind a successful campaign to generate an even higher ROI.

By way of example, we evaluated the efficacy of the adspend behind the big 5 banks’ advertising campaigns. During April to June of 2017, we engaged with over 4900 consumers – a representative sample of urban South Africans – to review 33 different television commercials produced by SA’s big five banks. The flighting of these 33 ads during the quarter is calculated by Ornico to have cost the banks an estimated R197,415,901.00

An astronomical amount to be sure, but consider that the banks spent R80,927,209.00 on ads that didn’t elicit a strong positive consumer reaction. That’s 41% of the banking sector’s advertising budget spent on ads that bored, confused, or frustrated viewers. One would be forgiven if you thought that’s to be expected, banking is boring after all, but AD360 highlighted that two banks performed rather admirably, while two others missed the mark completely.

We’d love to go into more detail, but we don’t want to turn this blog post into a whitepaper. What we did instead was create an eBook, exploring the methodology in-depth by elaborating on the banks’ performance, as well as the performance of South Africa’s mobile network operators. You can download your free copy of “AD360: Modern Ad Testing In Action” here.

If you’re interested in engaging with a Columinator about how AD360 can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 011 782 7246, or email us on info@columinate.com