Our Marketing Manager, Alexander de Coning, recently had the good fortune to talk to eNCA’s Dan Moyane about some of the financial fraud findings in the latest SITEisfaction report. Check out the clip here:


A few new scams made their debut in 2018:

  • 8% of users fell victim to the “You are a winner” Pay-to-Play scam;
  • 13% of users fell victim to the advanced “Free Loan” / “Prequalified Loan or Credit Card” scam;
  • 4% of users were taken advantage of with the “Request for Help” email fraud (which is the natural evolution of the 419 scam – asking for help and promising riches in return).
  • 6% of users fell victim to the traditional 419 scam.
  • Phishing scams are still a frequent occurrence, with 36% of respondents being targeted, and 7% falling victim to it in the last year.

It’s discouraging to discover that digital banking fraud is at an all-time high, and there’s been a steady increase in this trend over the last four years. While SITEisfaction recorded a marked increase in the awareness of potential fraud and scams across the board, 22% of users still fell victim to these criminals in the last year, up from 19% in 2017, 14% in 2016, and 12% in 2015.


For more on our 7th annual SITEisfaction report, check out the infographic summary here