What we do

Without meaningful insights, marketing is guesswork. And no-one wants to build a brand, or even a single campaign, based on a guess. This is why Columinate gives authentic consumer feedback on services. Brands. Ad campaigns. Or even brave new ideas.

Using online surveys, online communities and sophisticated quantitative and qualitative market research, we derive meaningful insights and we share these, clearly and compellingly, with the researchers, customer analytics managers, marketing managers, brand managers and other decision-makers who need it to take action.

These insights may take the form of brand health studies, customer journey maps or striking infographics. Clients may request advertising testing, brand modelling, concept reaction testing or design & package diagnostics. Or maybe we’re working on an online insight community, a set of vox pops, digital eye tracking or a usage & attitude study.

Who we are

Here are some numbers. In 2008, Henk and Elna Pretorius established Columinate. In 2015 alone, we conducted more than 217 000 interviews as part of 150 projects, for clients spanning blue-chip brands, retail, financial services, insurance and more.

Our clients love working with us. So we feel pretty vindicated when we keep winning industry and business awards (two in 2014, four in 2015 and who knows how many in the coming years?) But you want the raw data, don’t you? Here’s our current awards list: