How we do it

Columinate’s cutting-edge methodologies yield modern market research that comes, conveniently for everyone, via consumers’ mobiles, tablets, laptops and PCs. And because our research uses the latest tech and is device-agnostic, every deployment displays beautifully.

Our main data collection techniques include:

Bespoke community panels

Big research appetite? We can build a customer panel just for you. We’ll recruit thousands of your target consumers and create an engaging platform where you can ask them anything, anytime. It can be branded to match your company, or the category, and it cuts out the lead time, hassle and admin associated with ad hoc research. This is always-on, responsive research, and Columinate is the team that keeps it going.

Panel & customer surveys

To ask the right people the right questions, you need enough of the right people. Our online market research panel is made up of thousands of South African and African consumers who’ve agreed to share their opinions (both quantitative and qualitative) with us. At any time we can hand-pick who and how many people to survey online and via mobile, culminating in questionnaire design, programming, survey deployment and data collection, and giving you the resulting insights in a simple-to-understand, beautiful-to-look-at presentation.

Online insight communities

Numbers are important. But so are feelings. That’s why our insight communities invite hundreds of target consumers into a private, secure digital community where they can share thoughts and opinions via text, blog posts, polls, photos or video. This is like a focus group on steroids, but a very healthy one. With qualitative insights and without a bad temper.

Cross-device digital research

When people hear ‘online research’, they think ‘computer’. And when they hear ‘mobile research’, they think ‘phone’. But our cross-device digital research happens everywhere: laptop, tablet, smartphone etc. And it looks perfect wherever it is. We’re device-agnostic, but we’re religious about convenience, attractiveness, and rock-solid research insights.

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Some of our cutting-edge digital research systems

Our models are rooted in the latest behavioural and cognitive science. They’ve been extensively tested and validated. More importantly, our clients love them.

Affective Cognitive Testing (ACT) is Columinate’s agile ad testing solution, used to evaluate the effectiveness of creative elements from any media.

ACT measures the emotive and cognitive aspects of an advertisement in terms of Feel: an emotive impact measure, including a traditional ‘liking measure’; Think: message impact, like relevance, believability and understanding; and Brand linkage: whether the thoughts and feelings evoked by the ad are associated with the brand.

Rooted in the latest scientific research around consumer behaviour and brand choices, Boost incorporates both the conscious and unconscious decision-making drivers. It’s highly correlated with market and sales data, and provides clients with the key diagnostics they need to boost brand performance.

This isn’t hokey-pokey or stage magic. This is brand measurement for a complex modern world, backed by tried-and-tested research, rigorous testing and a validated approach

Our Concept Reaction Testing provides a single concept power score linked to how likely people are to adopt a product – segmenting them by early adopters, potentials and rejecters.

This testing also provides clients with comprehensive diagnostics relating to how concepts can be improved.

Using interactive digital tools, this service shows whether packaging grabs attention in a competitive shelf layout. It provides detailed diagnostics and recommendations on pack likes and dislikes, so that clients know which elements require tweaking to ensure differentiation.

And everything else… including:

  • Online insight communities
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Shopper research
  • Conjoint studies
  • Segmentation research
  • Digital panels
  • Pricing elasticity research
  • Vox pops
  • Digital eye tracking
  • Remote UX testing
  • Usage and attitude studies
  • Website testing
  • In-the- moment research

These are just some of our services, but we pride ourselves on solving unique problems that require unique thinking and approaches. If your research need doesn’t seem to fit into any of the above, don’t worry, we’ll tailor the best approach for you.